22 Chris Craft Sportsman

​22 Chris Craft Sportsman

This 22' Sportsman is in need of a new bottom and some new stain and varnish. Lots of work to be done.

December 12,
After stripping the varnish from the chine plank, its time to start pulling bungs with a dental pick.  There is about 500, so get comfortable.  When all the hardware has been removed, pray a little that the plank hasn't been glued on at some point. Gently remove the plank! Don't force it, work away from the blocking between the forward and aft plank.  Watch out for more hardware. I've never been able to get them all the first time. Just be patient, snap this plank and it will need to be replaced.
Now its time to clean the bilge and flip her over!

January 24,
Hearpondtful is finally upside down. The bottom has been worked on before. Someone tried to use vinyl pond liner to keep the water out. Thats the blue material poking out between the layers. We have started to find some rot in a few frames and along the keel. No big surprises yet. 

January 27,
The bottom is completely removed and power washed. We found some problems! The keel is rotten where it meets the gripe, even if it wasn't so much hardware has been driven in or drilled through the keel over the years, it looks more like swiss cheese. Mmmm...cheese.  There is also a fair amount of frame rot and they will need to be replaced as well !

February 13 
Replacing broken, rotten frames and building new keel.

February  20
Building a new keel.

February 28,
Shaping the new Keel.

March 5,
Cutting and dry fiiting the first layer of the new West System bottom, and a picture of a duck.

April 10,
Cutting and dry fitting 2nd and 3rd layers. 1st and 2nd are Marinetech 6mil and the 3rd is Joubert Marine Ply 4 mil, the last one is Woody setting new fashion trends.

April 16,
Ready for epoxy.

May 3,
The new West System bottom is complete!  Painted and getting original red and white waterline. The hull has been stripped and awaiting sanding,with a picture of the Badger.

May 14,
The  hull has been sanded and the waterline started. The interior sealing boards have been removed, and the chrome and prop shaft have been sent out for repair. Oh yeah, we flipped her back over!

May 21,
Deck and dash stripping and sanding in progress.